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In June 2018, twelve Thai soccer players and their coach took a detour to explore Thailand’s longest cave, Tham Luang, which is located nearby, following practice.

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With their 25-year-old coach, the lads, who ranged in age from 11 to 16, entered the water and started to explore the cave. They pushed farther underground after a flash flood, finally reaching a raised platform four kilometers inside the cave system. The youngsters were stranded in the convoluted cave system for 17 days as a result of the flood. They had no sustenance for the first nine days and were only able to get water from the dropping stalactites. However, they didn’t just wait.
The guys dug a 16-foot hole into the cave wall in turn, realizing they were stuck and trying to find a way out. To conserve energy and to stop thinking about food, they practiced meditation. The lads were then discovered by British divers who had left the cave entrance three hours earlier.
But making it that far was only half the fight. While rescuers plotted how to safely extract the youngsters, Thai Navy Seals went inside the cave to offer assistance and hang out with the guys. Divers recovered each player along with their coach during the course of a three-day mission.
Each boy had to don a full-face diving mask, be tethered between two divers, and swim for hours through twists and extremely tight squeezes in order to make the difficult trek to the surface. All of them survived and were able to swiftly resume a normal, healthy life following the rescue, mostly because to the efforts of Thai Navy Seals and the worldwide diving community.
Sadly, during the rescue attempt, one former Thai Navy Seal died.

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